The Frequency of Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

Know How Often Your Commercial Landscape Should Be Maintained

An attractive, well-maintained landscape will not only increase the value of a commercial property but also foster a positive experience for customers, residents, and other visitors. Properly maintaining a commercial landscape includes the installation and maintenance of plantings, irrigation, landscape lighting and other elements. But how often should commercial landscaping maintenance jobs be done anyway? That’s what we’ll answer below so read on!

Climate & Weather

Climate and weather are two of the main factors that determine how often landscaping maintenance is needed in order to keep a commercial property looking its best. A property located in an area that experiences a humid climate is more likely to need more frequent landscape maintenance than a property in an area with dry climate. The same is true when it comes to weather. If an area experiences more extreme weather events such as heavy rains, snow, and winds, then more frequent maintenance will be needed to maintain the landscape in top condition.

Landscape Design

The type of landscape design that is in place for a commercial property can also affect how often landscaping maintenance is needed. A low maintenance design with native plants will require less frequent maintenance that a property with more ornate design featuring non-native plants. Furthermore, a commercial property with large grassy areas will require more frequent maintenance than a property with a lot of hardscaping and limited greenery.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors such as soil quality, sunlight exposure, and proximity to moisture or water sources can also have an effect on the frequency of landscape maintenance a commercial property needs. For example, a property located in a shady area will require less maintenance than a property experiencing direct sunlight most of the day. Additionally, a property near a water source can provide more favorable growing conditions to the plants in the landscape and require more frequent fertilization and watering.

In conclusion, the frequency of landscaping maintenance your commercial property needs will depend on a variety of factors, including climate and weather, landscape design, and environmental factors. And if you need help in maintaining your landscape, Adolfo Landscaping Services Inc is the one that you can trust for the job. We’re offering quality commercial landscaping services in Ocoee, FL that you can now avail of. For inquiries, just call (757) 912-4069!