Take It From Your Well-Versed Landscaper

The Best Lighting Features for Your Alluring Garden

When it comes to adding a wow factor to any outdoor space, lighting should really be at the top of the list. A well-designed landscape lighting plan can transform the look of your space into something more magical, depending on the type of lighting you choose. Here, we take a look at some of the best features of landscape lighting that you can add to make your outdoor landscape really shine. Let your expert landscaper help you with its quality installation!

Globe Lights

Globe lights are fantastic for creating a soft, romantic glow in any outdoor space. They can be hung from a tree or a pergola for an even more exquisite look. Put some globe lights at the entrance of your garden and your guests will be wowed from the outset.

String lights for Trees

Long strings of lights draped around the branches of a tree can take your outdoor space to the next level. A combination of warm and cool light colors can give a fresh and modern feel to the area.

Lantern Lighting

A classic look for any garden is lantern lighting. Place them on different levels in the garden for an eye-catching feature. Candle lanterns can be used for a more traditional look, while modern lanterns with LED bulbs look more contemporary.

Garden Bed Lighting

For dramatic nighttime effects, add spotlights to your garden beds. This provides a great opportunity to show off your favorite plants. You can also add lights to certain areas of your garden to call out certain features you want to draw attention to.

If you are looking for a little sparkle in your outdoor landscape, there are many lighting options to choose from to get your desired effect. From modern and traditional options, you can pick and choose how much lighting you want, and where. Why not consult a professional landscaper like Adolfo Landscaping Services Inc to get advice and bring your dream outdoor space to life? Our services are available in Ocoee, FL and you can avail of them by simply calling (757) 912-4069!