Sod Landscaping: Causes of Sod Not Taking Root

Factors That Prevent Sod From Rooting

Firm resistance indicates that your sod has taken root. You can tell if your sod has fully rooted if you can pick it up or peel it back without encountering any resistance. But that doesn’t mean the process hasn’t started yet. Are there any roots sticking out from the main root mat at the bottom of the sod piece? If so, your sod landscaping is healthy. You might have a problem if no discernible roots are growing downward toward the ground. Here are some of the possible causes of sod’s potential failure to take root.

Compaction of Soil

Similar to having a floating sod issue, soil compaction is a problem. However, in this situation, the soil feels as though there is too much to root into rather than as though there is nothing to root into. The result of compaction is a ground surface that is too hard for grass roots to penetrate. St. Augustine and Bermuda grass are two varieties of grass that develop stolons or rhizomes; hence, this occurs less frequently with them.

Too Frequent or Insufficient Mowing

Whether literally or figuratively, “sod” refers to a section of grass that has previously been removed from its natural location. It must contend with new nutrients, water, pH, and climatic conditions, as well as new kinds of light. The plant is stressed because of all of those changes. Now that the sod is being mowed, the stress level has increased even more, sometimes to the point where it is intolerable and the sod’s dormancy period may extend.

Too Early or Too Much Fertilizer Application

When strong fertilizers are applied, sod that does not have an established or interconnected root system will be readily burned. This is why natural, slow-release fertilizers, such as compost, are typically used before the sod is laid.

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