Residential Landscaping Suggestions for Growing on Raised Beds

Advice for Growing Successfully in Raised Beds

Raised bed gardens have various advantages over conventional in-ground gardens, including the ability to grow more food in less amount of space, the ability to carefully tailor the soil to your needs, and a reduction in the area where weeds can spread out unchecked. Furthermore, you can start planting earlier in a raised bed than in an in-ground garden bed since the soil in a raised bed heats up earlier in the spring. They make it possible to plant without having to contend with rocks and roots, and the soil there is simple to repair each season. Raised beds also assist in extending the growing season when frost is a concern by using low tunnels. Here are some pointers from residential landscaping experts for gardening on raised beds.

Avoid Walking on the Soil

The best benefit of raised bed gardening is the fluffy, light, and completely ideal soil you can produce. Make sure that you construct your raised beds such that you can access every section of them without having to stand on them. If you already have a raised bed and discover that you must step on some of it, you might want to lay carefully placed patio pavers or boards and tread just on those, rather than the soil.

Fluff the Soil as Needed

Simply insert a garden fork as deeply as possible and wriggle it back and forth in the soil of your raised bed to loosen up compacted soil between seasons. Your soil will be nicely loosened without a lot of backbreaking labor if you do that at intervals of 8 to 12 inches tall across the bed.

Make Irrigation System Plans

The two finest methods for irrigating a raised bed are soaker hose and drip irrigation. You may avoid a lot of work and waiting around with a hose later on if you prepare ahead and set up your irrigation system before planting.

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