Let Your Landscaper Handle These!

Pests That Can Wreak Havoc in Your Garden

Many homeowners want to make sure their gardens look as good as they possibly can. One of the problems with achieving a lush and vibrant garden is being mindful of the pests that can take over and ruin a garden’s beauty. Here are six of the main pest issues facing gardens in the summertime, and what can your landscaper do about them.

Cottony Scale

Cottony Scale is a sap-sucking pest with a hard, armor-like exterior, shaped like tiny oval domes. These pests are most commonly found on fruit trees, and make a sticky, clear substance on the plant. Controlling Cottony Scale can be done by using a systemic insecticide, or it may be beneficial to use various beneficial insects such as parasitic wasps.

Leaf Miner

These pests are small larvae that can cause damage inside the leaves. Foliage is made up of several layers, and Leaf Miners make their way between layers of the leaves to create white, squiggly lines. To keep Leaf Miners in check, a mixture of garden insecticides and hand-picking lighter infestations can help.

Red Spider Mites

Red Spider Mites are tiny arachnids that can cause damage to plant foliage by sucking the sap from leaves. These pests are difficult to identify since they are incredibly small, approximately 0.4 mm in size. Controlling this type of mite requires frequent sprays of insecticidal soap and water to break the life cycle of the pest.

Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetles are an invasive pest that can easily infest gardens due to their scarab-shaped bodies and metallic brown color. The best way to control this pest is to handpick them as soon as you see them. For heavier infestations, systemic insecticides, such as milky spores, can help to keep the population down and guard against future infestations.

Always Be Ready

No one wants to spend the summer dealing with garden pests and having to constantly work to get rid of them. By being aware of the pests that can wreak havoc in your garden and doing something to stay ahead of the game, you can make sure your garden looks beautiful, vibrant, and healthy until the fall.

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