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How to Keep Creeping Charlie Out of Your Landscape for Good

With the arrival of spring comes growth, new blossoms, and garden work! Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, you could also see an unwelcome guest, Creeping Charlie. This pesky weed lurks in lawns and gardens everywhere and can be hard to get rid of. If you’re looking for the best way to keep Creeping Charlie out of your landscaping once and for all, here are four easy steps:

Prevention Is Key

One of the best ways to keep Creeping Charlie out of your landscape is prevention. Make sure your soil is well-draining and you’re watering correctly and consistently. Add some mulch to your landscape and keep it well-weeded. Regularly mow your lawn at the right height. And to make sure your yard remains free of Creeping Charlie, create a routine maintenance plan.

Be Prepared

If you’ve done all the preventive steps you can and you still see Creeping Charlie popping up, don’t panic. Pull it up before it takes root like you would any weed. You may also want to consider investing in an herbicide; however, be sure to use one that’s approved for use in the area where you live.

Hire the Professionals

Fighting Creeping Charlie on your own can be challenging, so why not leave it to the professionals? Qualified professionals will know exactly how to locate and handle the weed before it has a chance to take hold in your landscape. Keep in mind that using herbicides correctly often requires specialized knowledge and training, so professional help may be the safest and most effective solution for getting rid of Creeping Charlie.

Turn to Technology

Technology can also help you in the fight against Creeping Charlie. Using aeration services or other vegetation management services can help keep Creeping Charlie from invading your garden. With these services, you can easily monitor and track your landscape so you can spot unwelcome visitors early before the problem escalates.

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