Landscaper Tips in Caring a Flowering Ginger

Flowering Ginger: Things to Know in Growing One

To make a seductive statement, combine flowering gingers with other big tropical plants like cannas or elephant ears. Plant them in a spot that receives filtered sun or part shade in moist, well-drained garden soil. In the garden, flowering ginger will spread quickly and is prone to encroaching on other plants. Do not plant it near undeveloped regions where it may escape. Feed at least once every two months, and once flower stalks have finished blossoming, cut them back to the ground. The plant is generally trouble-free, although cold, moist soil can cause root rot. When rearing one, according to landscapers, you should be careful of the following.


Throughout the spring and summer, water is often; in the fall and winter, it is less so. Over shorter daily rains, weekly thorough irrigation is preferred. One inch of watering should be provided to your ginger plant weekly.


Although ginger plants require a lot of food, they will benefit from a shovelful of manure every two weeks as the summer warms up. If not, you can use a comprehensive flower fertilizer every two months. For information on how much to use, refer to the product’s packaging instructions.

Temperature and Humidity

The extreme humidity and lush, wet soil of their natural habitat is what tropical ginger plants crave. Ginger plants that are capable of blossoming will stop flowering and possibly even go dormant if conditions get too dry. Ginger plants are tropical plants, therefore they like it when it’s warmer than 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


The majority of ginger plants thrive in filtered light, which is what they get when they grow in a rainforest. Plants that grow ginger in full light may experience browning on the edges of their leaves.


Ginger plants prefer soil that is rich in organic matter, wet, well-draining, and has a pH that is close to neutral to slightly acidic.

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