How Commercial Landscape Contractors Take Care of Liatris Plants

Liatris Caring Methods

Liatris can be started from potted nursery starts, but it is far more cost-effective to start from bulk-purchased bulb-like root systems. While they are occasionally sold as bulbs, these dried root formations are corms. Three months after a spring planting, these structurally enlarged latent stem sections will put forth shoots and blooms. According to professional commercial landscape contractors, Liatris requires relatively little maintenance, but if you plant it in excessively rich soil, it could grow tall and floppy, so you might need to stake up the stems. You can also grow Liatris from seeds, but it takes persistence: It takes at least two years for the first flowers to develop. Continue reading to learn how to take good care of one.


Liatris corms may be grown in almost any soil, regardless of fertility level, however, rapid drainage is necessary to avoid rot. In really rich soils, you might need to stake the plants because their stems tend to be a little floppy. Liatris plants prefer a neutral to slightly acidic soil pH. If the soil doesn’t drain properly, heavy clay can lead to root rot, especially during the winter.


Liatris doesn’t require much food, but if the soil quality is insufficient, you may add a balanced flower fertilizer every spring when the plant’s active development starts. However, in most good soils, Liatris normally thrives without any kind of feeding.

Temperature and Humidity

As long as the soil is not too damp, Liatris can withstand summer heat and humidity in warm locations and will flourish through very cold winters. The corms may decay in wet winter soils.


After planting, give the corms plenty of water. Up until stalks develop, the corms don’t require any further watering. One inch of water each week during the warmest months will stop stunted blooms and leaf scorch when the plants start their active growth. To prevent the spread of fungi, moisten the plants’ bases or utilize drip irrigation. In their first year, these plants require more water, but after that, they are quite tolerant of drought and dry soil.

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