Hot Summer; Healthy Landscaping

Summer Landscape Care

There are several factors that you need to consider when it comes to landscaping during summer. This is to ensure that your lawn, plants, and trees are healthy and strong. To help you deal with this, here are the things you got to do:

Water Your Plants Thoroughly

For your plants to survive during summer, make sure that they are watered at least twice a day. Try not to overwater your plants, so as not to suffocate them. Also, avoid letting your lawn, plants, and trees become dry, so they won’t be harmed. You can also place an inch of water on the soil before you mulch.

Check Your Plants’ Needs

When caring for your landscape during summer, be sure that you check your plants’ condition. You can do this by looking at their leaves and stems. If you see brown spots, fallen leaves, or dry spots, this could be a sign that it’s time for them to be mowed, mulched, and fertilized. You can also look at your lawn’s condition to see if it needs to be watered or trimmed.

Trim Your Lawn’s Grass

If your lawn’s grass is too tall or it’s too long, make sure to cut them regularly. You can use a lawnmower or an electric lawnmower when trimming your lawn. You can also use an aerator to remove weeds. However, remember to wear protective gear when handling these tools so as not to get injured.

Make sure that you are able to take care of your landscape during the summer. If you need help with this, Adolfo Landscaping Services Inc can help. We are one of the trusted landscaping companies in Ocoee, FL. To know more about us or to book the services that we’re offering, feel free to dial (757) 912-4069 now!