Hire Residential Landscaping Services to Do Winter Lawn Maintenance

The Winter Maintenance Calendar for Your Landscape

Following a seasonal care schedule is always preferable, no matter how extensive your landscape and its maintenance needs are. This calendar can help you remember which activities to complete and when and guarantee that your grass is properly cared for at the appropriate time of year. Several of these tasks are weather dependent, but they can all be accomplished before the spring growth season officially begins in a few months. Contact your residential landscaping company to acquire the greatest services and care for your landscape.

Start Planning

January is an excellent time to plan your year’s yard, garden, and landscape chores. Determine what you can accomplish yourself and what services you wish to outsource. You should arrange landscape contractors or yard service early in the spring before they become overly busy.

Test Your Soil Before Spring

You can test your soil at home or get an expert. Working with a professional allows them to provide feedback and suggestions based on your results. Recall that healthy lawns should be examined every three years, while problem regions should be tested yearly.

Prune Trees and Shrubs During Dormancy

Established trees and shrubs can be pruned during their winter slumber. Be certain that all sick or damaged branches are removed. If you have yet to gain experience with pruning, it is advisable to hire a professional, as a poor pruning operation can injure your tree. If you have any worries about pruning your trees and shrubs, it is best to leave it to the specialists.

Remove Leaves and Yard Debris

Remove any residual leaves or debris from the fall and winter around your plants and bushes to reduce the development of pests and illnesses. Slugs like to lay eggs under mounds of leaves left on the ground, so pick these piles up as quickly as possible. Leaves and dirt retain moisture, which can contribute to the growth of fungal diseases.

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