Commercial Landscape Contractors Care for Bells of Ireland

The Care of Bells of Ireland

The Bells of Ireland can become unstable due to their top-heavy nature, especially in instances of heavy rainfall or when situated in areas exposed to high winds. Plants that grow in areas with limited sunlight may require support to prevent them from becoming tall and thin. Support the flourishing stems, cultivate the condensed type, or cultivate them in a protected location to maintain the verticality of the spikes. According to commercial landscape contractors, bells of Ireland are incapable of blooming again, which means that there is no need to feel guilty when removing older plants. An alternative approach could be to consider keeping the annual plants intact until their seeds are fully developed and dispersed naturally, given that these particular plants can self-propagate. Incorporating dried flower stalks into arrangements can also add aesthetic value. To gain additional information, continue reading.


Ensure that the bells of Ireland are kept adequately hydrated throughout their delicate phases of seedling establishment and transplantation. Soaker hoses are an excellent way to hydrate plants without saturating them too much. These particular plants thrive when given a weekly water supply of approximately 1 inch. By using mulch, the soil can maintain its moisture.


Bells of Ireland thrive in full sunlight. To avoid the plants becoming overly tall and unstable, they require exposure to the morning sun as a minimum. Staking will undoubtedly be necessary for plants growing in areas without adequate exposure to sunlight.


These plants thrive in well-draining soil that is kept equally moist and has a pH level ranging from 6. 5 to 75 Before sowing seeds, it is optimal to mix compost into the designated planting space.


The growth of Bells of Ireland plants generally does not depend on frequent or substantial feeding. Creating a planting area using compost would be sufficient for their growth. If the soil quality is extremely impoverished, it may be necessary to apply fertilizer. Adhere to the instructions stated on the tag.

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