Best Plants to Grow With Potatoes to Prevent Pests According to Landscapers

The Best Companion Plants for Potatoes to Deter Pests

Aphids, cutworms, and the Colorado potato beetle are just a few examples of common pests that might harm your crop if the wrong companion plants are used. You can keep your tubers healthy and pest-free without using harmful pesticides by using a variety of herbs, veggies, and flowering plants. The top companion plants for growing potatoes are listed below, along with important landscaper advice for making the most of this plant group’s benefits to your potato crop.


The finest plants to grow for pest management are alliums, which include chives, leeks, onions, and other varieties. These plants’ strong scent deters numerous garden pests, such as aphids and beetles. When it comes time to harvest, you’ll be even more glad you planted these plants together since you’ll have everything you need on hand for a delectable potato and leek soup.


The edible flowers and peppery-tasting leaves of the gorgeous Nasturtium plant are often plucked or grown for their aesthetic value. However, because it helps control many pesky insects, nasturtium also makes a great companion plant for organic pest management. Nasturtiums frequently serve as “trap crops,” drawing pests like Colorado potato beetles and aphids away from potatoes where they may be more easily contained and eradicated.


One of the finest natural pest deterrents is keeping marigolds in your organic garden. Many common pests, notably Colorado potato beetles, are naturally repelled by the aroma of marigolds. In addition to providing some vivid color to spice up your garden beds, sowing marigolds among your tubers can help keep your plants naturally pest-free.


Sage is a flavorful plant that works well in gardens to draw pollinators like bees and butterflies. However, its strong smell is also widely recognized for keeping flea beetles and other common pests away. Additionally, sage and potato gnocchi are hard to beat on a chilly night in, in if you needed another reason to cultivate sage with your potatoes.

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