A Landscaper Can Identify Which Animals Are Digging Holes in Your Yard

Yard Holes: Which Animals Cause Them?

It is annoying to discover that some naughty animal dug a lot of holes in the grass after spending all that time and effort maintaining the appearance of our yards, especially when you have a landscaper who takes care of your lawn. Without actually observing the animal in question that caused the damage, it can be difficult to identify exactly what animal is to blame for the holes in your yard. The following animals may be harming your yard most frequently, depending on where you live:


Small rodents known as chipmunks give any backyard a boost of vitality. They are renowned for stuffing their cheeks full of food, and because of their small size and muscular legs, they are masters at scampering fast across the ground or up trees.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice dig tunnels in yards mostly to make nests. They prefer to look for warmth and safety underground. What’s wrong with this? You don’t want rodents scurrying about outside your house if they are breeding close by because they will be searching for food near your residence.


Due to the characteristic, little piles of soil that moles create throughout lawns and gardens, mole damage is quite simple to identify. Traps are the most reliable method of controlling moles, yet certain states have restrictions on mole trapping. Moles spend their entire time digging underground, therefore they are rarely seen in the open air. When they finally emerge, their dark fur helps to keep them well hidden among the mud.


You most likely have a clear image of what a rabbit looks like thanks to its long ears and soft, fuzzy body. What you may already be aware of is that rabbits frequently create subterranean burrows to stay warm and protect themselves from predators. Rabbits probably aren’t making holes all over your yard, but if they do, your landscape plants may suffer if they happen to be near a hidden tunnel that they dug.

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